Bluff Distillery London Dry Gin 700ml

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Distilled 19,000 km away from London, Bluff Gin captures the spirit of a classic London Dry Gin in a unique way, delivering an outstanding gin in the process.

The bottle design honours the glass buoys that once floated illegally set Japanese whaling nets in New Zealand’s Southern Seas. Locals, called Bluffies, would brave the dangerous Hell’s Gate strait to cut these buoys, causing the nets to sink.

Those who returned would display the buoys as a symbol of defiance, a tradition still alive today. Each sip of Bluff Gin evokes this daring spirit, taking you to the rugged beauty of Foveaux Strait. Visit the distillery to see why this place is worth the risk.

Tasting note

Bluff Gin offers a bold yet smooth juniper-forward taste with fresh, clean citrus hints. Its vibrant blue bottle stands out, making it perfect for both elegant and casual settings.

ABV: 45% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand