Ketel One Vodka 700ml

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When crafting Ketel One, the Master Distiller uses a categorisation called the four 'F's: Fragrance, Flavour, Feel & Finish. These help to define and highlight the characteristics of vodka and simply explain what makes Ketel One Vodka so unique.

  • Fragrance: On the nose, Ketel One will return hints of citrus and honey.
  • Flavour: After a sip of Ketel One vodka, you'll taste a crisp, unmistakable coolness.
  • Feel: Ketel One generously and smoothly coats the tongue.
  • Finish: The finish of Ketel One leaves a lively tingle, reminding you of its quality.

Put even more simply, this is damn good vodka - the way it ought to be.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: Netherlands