Thomson Two Tone Whisky + Barrel Aged Coffee Pack

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Includes 700ml Bottle of Thomson Whisky Two Tone Release + 200g Pack of Mt Akinson Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee


Mt Akinson / Thomson Whisky Coffee Pack

A collaboration of two great New Zealand pioneers of flavour. Using a barrels previously filled with Thomson's Manuka Smoke Single-Malt Whisky, Mt Atkinson then filled them with Colombian Supremo green coffee beans and rolled them around the coffee roastery for 8 months. Time does its thing, and the organic nature of the green coffee causes the whisky flavours to infuse deep into the bean. 

Tasting note

The coffee has drawn out the beautiful Manuka smoke whisky flavours, while still keeping the rich chocolate and coffee notes. We highly recommend enjoying this coffee as cold brew over ice.


Two Tone Whisky

New Zealand's famed Whisky, named Two Tone which refers to the two types of casks used in the maturing process of this whisky - American white oak which has been exclusively used for whisky and European oak which were previously used for New Zealand red wine. You'll unwrap sea air and caramelised fruits on the nose, followed by luscious red berries, apricot and spice on the palate.

Tasting note

Aromatic notes of caramelised fruits accompany red berry, apricot and spicy characters on the palate.

ABV: 40% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand