Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Case (8 x 500ml)

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We've secured a huge deal on full cases of Fever-Tree's premium tonics, with nearing best before dates. The dates on these bottles is set for 31/08/2022, though as is always the case - they will be perfectly drinkable beyond that date. Stock yourself up while they're this unreal price!

By blending the essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs that were gathered from around the Mediterranean shores with the quinine of the highest quality from the fever trees of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fever-Tree have created a delicious, delicate, floral tonic water. Created to accompany the finest vodkas or to enjoy as a sophisticated soft drink.

If 3/4 of your G&T is tonic, mix with the best.

Each case contains 8x 500mls bottle of tonic.

Best before date: 31/08/22