Forecast Stormy Nights Dry Gin Case (6x700ml)

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Save a further $5 per bottle, by buying a full case of Forecast Stormy Nights Colour Changing Dry Gin:

Crafted by introducing butterfly pea flower to their award-winning Aotearoa Dry recipe, to naturally give the gin an electric vivid-blue colour, which changes to deep purple, then a bright pink when mixed with tonic. A breath-taking display of a stormy sunset within your glass!

With the same great flavour profile as the original (which has become our #1 selling premium gin of all time!) and now with a magical spectacle to go with it - we can safely say this is the most excited we've ever been about a new release!

Not only is this an incredibly delicious and refreshing, premium New Zealand dry gin - just wait until you see the colour-changing effect in person. When we tested it, we all agreed this was the most impressive example we've seen to date.

Different mixers have different effects on the colour change - so enjoy experimenting with different concoctions to make your most magical drinks yet! (Pro-tip: acidic mixers like tonic and citrus work best.)

Tasting note:

To craft this glorious gin, Forecast have combined kaffir lime and butterfly pea flower with their award-winning London Dry botanical base, creating one of the brightest and most refreshing gins on the New Zealand market.

This is a prime example of a premium New Zealand craft gin. It's crisp and clean, with subtle kaffir lime notes that have been expertly balanced with their signature array of spices, local botanicals and citrus. The citrus notes come through proud along with the Juniper led palate, making this a perfect dry-style gin, with an incredibly moreish, refreshing kick.

ABV: 44%
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand