Hastings Distillers Albertine Organic Gin 500ml

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A premium offering from the Hawkes Bay-based gin distillery that everyone is buzzing about. Hastings Distillers is New Zealand’s first producer of 100% certified organic artisan spirits and liqueurs. They've combined decades long backgrounds in wine making and a passion for botanicals and spirits to produce some of the best quality gins and liqueurs in our beautiful country.

The Albertine is a complex and gorgeously perfumed Gin, containing a whopping 38 organic botanicals. It is batch distilled in a 150L Arnold Holstein still and then cut to strength with Kaweka spring water.

With top notes of lime leaf, white currant, cedar, mango and floral hints. Exotic spice brings warmth and persistence to the palate. This makes for a perfect and exotic Gin and Tonic, but can also be enjoyed over ice as a sipping Gin. Though as many great bars are learning around the country, this will take any great gin cocktail to another dimension!

ABV: 47% 
Volume: 500ml
Country: New Zealand