Hendricks Neptunia Gin 700ml

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The latest drop from Hendricks and an extraordinary addition to their Cabinet of Curiosities.

Hendrick’s Neptunia is based on their original gin with its signature foundation of rose and cucumber, but with an additional wave of flavour from an invigorating blend of sea kelp, coastal thyme and lime, in an ode to the Ocean. It is still unmistakably Hendrick’s, though now with with the infusion of these locally sourced botanicals, Neptunia combines a smooth, citrus finish with a unique hint of a distant sea breeze.

Tasting notes

Alluring juniper character, lengthened with the deep earthy notes of Scottish sea botanicals and the fresh character of coastal herbs.

To serve, mix with soda, simple syrup and a squeeze of lime, garnished cucumber sliced to create a Hendrick's Neptunia Fizz.

ABV: 43.4%
Volume: 700ml
Country: Scotland