Kākāpō Distillery Kawakawa & Pink Peppercorn Gin 700ml

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From Kākāpō Distillery, comes this unique New Zealand micro-batch gin devoted to supporting the critically endangered kākāpō.

Kākāpō Distillery was founded on three key principles: a love for Aotearoa, a commitment to conservation, and the desire to create a damn good drop of gin.

Created using traditional methods in a copper Alquitar still, this hand-crafted gin is brought to life by Aotearoa’s native forests and the variety of botanicals available at our fingertips. They work closely with local growers and forage themselves to allow them to achieve a delicate balance of flavours that elevates a single native botanical.

This unique take on a time old spirit provides an elegant and exciting tasting experience that continuously gives back to nature.

Kākāpō Distillery is inspired by the Kākāpō and is proud to support them by gifting 10% of their profits to the Department of Conservation’s Kākāpō Recovery program. This group of dedicated scientists, rangers, and volunteers work hard to protect and grow this critically endangered Taonga species.

Tasting note

The Kawakawa and Pink Peppercorn Gin has a warming touch of spice, a lingering herbal note of kawakawa, and a strong Juniper presence. Great with an Indian tonic or in a spirit forward cocktail.

ABV: 42% 
Volume: 700ml
Country: New Zealand