Mr Smooth Cream Liqueur 1L

$49.99 $54.99

Crafted by the team at Batch 10, utilising their famous Honey Bourbon and turning it into a delightfully smooth cream liqueur, with hints of bourbon and New Zealand honey. 

Mr Smooth is just that - smooooth. It is rich, silky and creamy and the hit from their renowned Honey Bourbon works perfectly to make this an incredibly decadent treat - especially on a cooler evening. 

Housed in an full litre, classic glass milk bottle - with an awesome design, made by the son of the great people behind the booze inside. This bottle is a fantastic conversation starter with the contents inside to keep those chats going into the night!

Best to drink neat and cold, over ice, or even drizzled over ice cream.

ABV: 14% 
Volume: 1000ml
Country: New Zealand