REAL Vanilla Cocktail Syrup 500ml

$19.99 $24.99

REAL Infused Exotics is pushing the boundaries of the mixology movement with a premium product line unlike any thing else.

Their high-end puree infused flavours have allowed mixologists and chefs alike to quickly and efficiently bring real fruit flavours to their cocktails, dishes, and desserts.

These incredible creations allow you to add a simple dash to your cocktails, to bring on a pure concentrated taste of each given fruit. No more need to muddle fruit, or single use juices - keep these on hand and the elevated world of mixology is a simple squeeze away.

The premium Madagascar Vanilla Infused Syrup is the most versatile product yet – lending its rich flavour profile to cocktails, dishes, desserts and beverages of all types in one consistent, easy-to-use package. Simplify your culinary and cocktail creation with a shelf-stable product that packs a powerful made-from-scratch taste without all of the effort. It truly offers the best of both worlds!