Wonderfoam Cocktail Frother 100ml

$69.99 $74.99

Wonderfoam is the most cost effective way to make world class foam for your cocktails at home. Just a few drops, and you're away. 

Create a thick and stable foam without the cost or hassle of using eggs. Wonderfoam makes it quicker, easier, and more economical to create frothy and textural cocktails - each bottle will make more than 500 drinks!

This product is 100% vegan and gluten free, and is taste-neutral - so you can be confident that your cocktail will not be compromised.

Quillaia extract is the magical natural ingredient used in Wonderfoam - it is sustainably sourced and extracted from the native Chilean Quillaja saponaria tree. This natural process ensures a vegan friendly and gluten free foamer. 


Simply add 2-4 drops of Wonderfoam to your cocktail ingredients, then shake with ice as you usually would. 

Remember, a little goes a long way! Each bottle of Wonderfoam will make froth for at least 500 cocktails, and that's when using 4 drops per cocktail!

Simply store at room temperature.